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    A database which allows you to take full control over your business data is a valuable resource and a key contributor towards making better business decisions...

What is a ‘database’?

A database is a system to store and manage data.

The vast majority of databases nowadays are computerised and whether you know it or not, they generally touch almost every aspect of your life i.e. when you go to the cash point machine you will be interacting with a database, when you make a purchase from Amazon or eBay, you will be interacting with a database...and so on it goes on.

What is ‘database design’?

Database design is the process of setting up a database in such a way as to get the most from it. We could throw some jargon at you and talk about logical and physical data models, tables, entity relationships etc – but most people don’t really need to know what they are so we won’t discuss them any further here.

In our experience, well designed databases will help, not hinder the task at hand.

Is ‘database design’ easy?

Good ‘database design’ is easy if you know what you’re doing. Good designers benefit from their experience, learning from their past mistakes.

It’s very easy to poorly design a database - it’s not very easy to retrospectively recover from a poorly designed database.

An experienced database designer will focus heavily on your existing systems and processes to make sure that the database they’re designing will work for your business. An inexperienced or poor database designer probably won’t ask you many questions, they’ll probably just be saying ‘Yes’ a lot.

We might need some ‘database design’ help – what’s next?

Well our opinions are FREE so if you have any questions or if you just need someone to bounce your ideas off, please click here to contact us by email or alternatively just give us a call on 0115 98777690.

You’ll be under no obligation whatsoever and we absolutely won’t try to sell you something that you don’t need.

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University of Nottingham

"As Director of the University of Nottingham Institute for Enterprise and Innovation at Nottingham University Business School I am pleased to recommend Breeze IT for the highly professional and competent service that they provide.

I approached Breeze IT last summer with a particularly complex database problem. This referred to the development of a real time, online business survey that is due to become operational in February. Put simply the survey is required to register new panelists and send out monthly e-mail links to the live panel so that these businesses can complete a predetermined questionnaire on line. Results are then stripped out, analysed and illustrated in a wide variety of graphical analyses. The graphs react instantly as new responses are received thus providing a perfectly up-to-date picture of business views on the issues covered in the questionnaire. The actual detailed specification of the software was far more complex but the above is sufficient to indicate the highly sophisticated nature of the task to be completed. Breeze IT interviewed me twice to gather the logistical information that they required and very quickly generated a full specification for me to approve. I was consulted and kept up-to-date at each stage of development. Breeze IT were particularly concerned to provide realistic estimates of timetabling and outcomes. They also explained precisely the costs that would arise and their incidence. As further developments of the underlying concept occurred to me, Breeze IT were able to respond quickly in specifying the extra work involved, the cost and the timetable. This flexibility has been particularly appreciated as the nature of the project has evolved.

I have experience, sometimes painful, of working with other software companies. In their genuine desire to please they have sometimes overestimated their own technical competence or underestimated the time that software development may take in practice. To date my experience of Breeze IT has involved neither of these experiences."

Professor Martin Binks - University of Nottingham Institute for Enterprise and Innovation

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