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  • Do you need a mobile app... Or a mobile optimised website?

    Before you embark on a mobile solution for your business, have you determined if you need a mobile app, or a mobile optimised website, there is a difference...

  • Boost the effectiveness of your staff with dedicated mobile apps

    Dedicated mobile apps allow staff to continue working when they are away from the office, you don’t need the whole toolkit when a screwdriver will do the job...

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    With a mobile app or mobile optimised website expertly developed by Breeze IT – you really can go ‘where your customers go’...

What is an ‘App’?

‘App’ is short for “application”, and in the old days this was a fairly generic term for any standalone piece of software that ran on your PC or Mac.

Nowadays and largely in response to the growing popularity of Smartphones - Apps appear to be everywhere – you’ll no doubt have heard the phrase...there’s an App for that...and the chances are there probably is!

Does your business need an ‘app’?

Well, it largely depends on what kind of business you have and what you want your App to do for your business.

Smartphone Apps should probably be categorised as follows: 1) apps for ‘fun/entertainment’ 2) Apps to ‘broadcast information’, and 3) Apps to ‘do business’.

For the majority of businesses Apps for ‘fun/entertainment’ and Apps to ‘broadcast information’ are not likely to deliver significant business benefit unless you happen to be selling games or selling valuable content (i.e. news, business reports etc).

Apps to ‘do business’ are different – these Apps must deliver real business benefit since the investment required to develop Apps such as these is likely to be significant. Apps to ‘do business’ will probably be required to interface with one or more back-end database systems – this is where things can get complicated, this is where things can get expensive.

Are mobile ‘Apps’ different to other ‘Apps’?

Not really, Mobile Apps just happen to be running on a smaller screen than the Apps (software) running on your PC or Laptop. The user interface is still just a piece of software, the data that is being captured and/or displayed is still probably being retrieved from a database – so it’s really nothing new, it’s just a different device.

Are ‘Apps’ easy to develop?

Apps are easy to develop but only if you know what you’re doing.

Having a Mobile App developed is just like having any piece of software written, there are good and bad developers. Good developers will focus heavily on your existing business systems and processes to make sure that the App will work for your business. Bad developers will probably just be saying ‘Yes’ a lot.

We might need an ‘App’ – what’s next?

Well our opinions are FREE so if you have any questions or if you just need someone to bounce your ideas off, please click here to contact us by email or alternatively just give us a call on 0115 98777690.

You’ll be under no obligation whatsoever and we absolutely won’t try to sell you something that you don’t need.

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Hutchinsons Mobile App
"I believe the app is brilliant and I really appreciate all your hard work in helping us to reach a very tight deadline. We had very positive feedback at the conference and it was a great way to finish the conference with the launch of the app by Andrew McShane. Many thanks once again."

Dave Ellerton - H.L. Hutchinson Ltd View Case Study

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