Case Study - My Waste Portal

My Waste Portal

Evolution Waste Management is an independent waste management company based in Nottinghamshire which provides a complete waste collection, disposal and recycling service for businesses throughout the UK.

One service that Breeze offer to our clients is the development of systems which integrate seamlessly into existing products and databases. Evolution Waste Management approached Breeze with this very requirement, awarding them with a contract to develop an online-based system that extends and/or improves on existing functionality provided by their core waste management system, which they have been actively using over a number of years.

Following an extensive data analysis process carried out by a dedicated project manager here at Breeze, we developed a website that links elegantly into their core waste management system's (SQL Server) database and provides users with a simplified view of any skip-hire related information available. One massive improvement we were able to make over their core system was a simple view that displays a breakdown of scheduled deliveries, collections and exchanges booked for any given day.

The website also offers its users several key pieces of functionality instrumental to Evolution's business model that fall outside the scope of their core system. This functionality includes the ability to provide quotations to customers on skip hire, the arrangement of collections and exchanges of skips along with the option to upload any supporting documentation against any orders issued.

Using ASP.NET, MVC, Bootstrap, Knockout JS and SQL Server, Breeze delivered a high-tech solution to a fast-growing and forward thinking business. has been widely seen as a great success and is subject to high volumes of positive feedback. Following the website going live, Evolution has commissioned Breeze to develop another website for their customers which is also receiving really great feedback from its users.