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What is a 'management report'?

A management report is a business tool used to aid better business decision making. The vast majority of management reports nowadays are created by computer systems, the underlying data is generally drawn from a database before being transformed into something more useful.

In very simple terms, a bank or credit card statement is a management report used to help an account holder manage their account. If you are over-spending, your bank or credit card statement will inform you of this.

What is 'management reporting'?

Management reporting is an essential function within most businesses, without management reporting businesses are very often unable to effectively plan for their future. The lessons of the past can help you shape the future. In our experience, effective management reports will empower businesses to make better informed business decisions.

Is it easy to create 'management reports'?

It is easy to create 'management reports' but only if you know what you're doing. Effective management reports require good data, if you don't have good data, you can't create effective management reports.

We might need some help with our 'management reporting' – what's next?

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